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Guest: 221
Name: Dave
Email: daveb@alphalink.com.au
Date: Saturday, February 01, 2003
From: Belgrave
Comments: The Micawber and Bondy's jam nights are a highlight of the week for me. (every week) Keep up the good work and keep live music real.

Guest: 222
Name: speedy I H M C
Email: www.littleluke.net
Date: Monday, January 27, 2003
Comments: Thank 4 playing at kevinton see u at the bike show. speedy IHMC 1%

Guest: 223
Name: Guy
Date: Sunday, January 26, 2003
Comments: What can I say flattery will get you everywhere

Guest: 224
Name: secret admirer
Date: Thursday, January 23, 2003
Comments: whats all this about john being sexy??? you need to look no further than the best double bassist in town - GUY!!!! Guy - you are a sex god!!!!

Guest: 225
Name: shelley
Email: shelley_83@hotmail.com
Date: Thursday, December 19, 2002
From: olinda
Comments: hey guys you rock... I love your music burning desire rocks. Go Johnny!

Guest: 226
Name: Garry
Email: trew39@vic.australis.com.au
Date: Thursday, December 05, 2002
From: Newborough Vic
Comments: I caught the guys at the Blues fesival at Moe (the Tav Pub)...They have very good taste in band transport, and john boot scooted across the pub on the table tops, and what do you do with the drummer to cool him Off !!! More tanks the better...GT

Guest: 227
Name: someone
Email: ?
Date: Monday, December 02, 2002
From: in the hills
Comments: i love you john! you are georgeous. you are very talented and i love your voice

Guest: 228
Name: a girl
Email: ???????????
Date: Monday, December 02, 2002
From: melbourne
Comments: JOHN IS SEXY!!!!!!!!! I love you john!!!!!!!!!

Guest: 229
Email: mickmartin14@hotmail.com
Date: Saturday, November 16, 2002
From: bairnsdale
Comments: hey boys hows things was wanting to get your phone number as jane and mario from the wy yung hotel hear in bairnsdale ph 51523121 would like to disscuss the possibility of having you play on new years could you contact her a.s.a.p to let her know and by the way look forward to seeing you guys again and enjoying a little MARYJANE regards craig keep rockin

Guest: 230
Name: Jackie Ellis
Email: jackstarr69@hotmail.com
Date: Tuesday, November 05, 2002
From: Hobart
Comments: Wow! Didn't realise I was hobnobbing with the big nobs!!! Thanks for the greatest night of the year...until tonight anyway...Kirk I need my knee signed again I finally showered. Thanks again boys, see you next Show Day Weekend XXX

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Displaying Guest Entries 221 to 230 of 272
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