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Devil Ridin' Shotgun (2005)
Album Cover Track Listing:
1. Devil Ridin' Shotgun (J.C.S. Marsden)
2. Powder and Pearls (J.C.S. Marsden, G Lawson)
3. Knucklehead
4. The Chopper (J.C.S. Marsden, G. Lawson, K.A. Syrett)
5. Anne Cannibal (K.A. Syrett)
6. Ain�t Enough (J.C.S. Marsden)
7. Transvestite Trucker (J.C.S. Marsden, K.A. Syrett)
8. Gone For Good (J.C.S. Marsden)
9. Heaven Complete (G. Lawson)
10. Dull Hard Thud (K.A. Syrett)
11. Devil�s Wheels (J.C.S. Marsden, L. Fraser) lyrics
12. Lonesome Ball (J.C.S. Marsden, C.J. Marsden)
13. Hey Little Baby (J.C.S. Marsden)
14. Strychnine (G. Roslie)
15. The Muleskinner Blues (J. Rodgers)
16. Sweet sounds of the 1959 Ford Hearse
Additional Info:

Studio Tracks: Recorded by David Briggs at Production Workshop, North Melbourne.
Live Tracks 14 and 15: Recorded by Rob Stead and James Kilpatrick at
The Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda. 19/10/2001

Mixed and Mastered by David Briggs
Produced by David Briggs and Wild Turkey
Photography by Suzy Wood
Front cover art by Dom
Graphic Design: Traffic Design Studios.

Guests: Gil Askey - Trumpet on �Anne Cannibal�
Mick �The Rev� O�Connor - Hammond Organ on �Devils Wheels�

In memory of Eileen Syrett and Ray Emery

Surfin' Hearse (2001)
Album Cover Track Listing:
1. I Drove All Day  (J.C.S. Marsden)
2. I Wanna Love You  (J.C.S. Marsden)
3. Love That Kills  (J.C.S. Marsden)
4. Without You  (J.C.S. Marsden)
5. Mess Around Baby  (J.C.S. Marsden)
6. She's Gone  (J.C.S. Marsden)
7. The Stomp  (J.C.S. Marsden/P. Mileham/K. Syrett)
8. Devil's Wheels  (J.C.S. Marsden/L. Fraser)
9. Lonesome Ball  (J.C.S. Marsden/C. Marsden)
10. Love Me  (J.C.S. Marsden)
11. Gone For Good  (J.C.S. Marsden)
12. Surfin Hearse  (J.C.S. Marsden/P. Smith/K. Syrett)
13. Burning Desire  (J.C.S. Marsden)
14. Hey Little Baby  (J.C.S. Marsden)
15. Graveyard Stomp  (P.Paul Fenech)
16. Jack The Ripper  (Grant/Wray)
Additional Info:

Recorded live at the Esplanade Hotel St.Kilda Melbourne, on two nights - 23/9/1999 and 4/1/2001.
Tracks 1,2,12,14,15 and 16 recorded on 4/1/2001, engineered by James Kilpatrick
The remainder were recorded on 23/9/1999, engineered by Rob Stead.
Mixed and Mastered by David Briggs at The Workshop, North Melbourne.
Photography by Suzy Wood. CD artwork by John Kirkland.
In memory of Matthew Lawson, Andrew Wilkie and Cyril Marsden

Love That Kills (1997)
Album Cover Track Listing:
1. Love That Kills  (J.C.S. Marsden)
2. Burning Desire  (J.C.S. Marsden)
3. Mess Around Baby  (J.C.S. Marsden)
4. Lonesome Ball  (J.C.S. Marsden/C. Marsden)
5. Surfin' Hearse  (J.C.S. Marsden)
6. She's Gone  (J.C.S. Marsden)
7. Love Me  (J.C.S. Marsden)
8. Without You  (J.C.S. Marsden)
9. The Stomp  (J.C.S. Marsden/P. Mileham/K. Syrett)
10. I Wanna Love You  (J.C.S. Marsden)
11. Noon And Night  (J.C.S. Marsden/K. Syrett)
12. Give My Heart  (J.C.S. Marsden)
13. Misirlou  (Roubanis/Wise/Leeds/Russel)
14. Bombora  (Hood/Skiathitis)
15. I Drove All Day  (J.C.S. Marsden)
Additional Info:

Special Guests:
Matt Walker - Lap Stell
The "Rev" Mick O'Connor - Hammond Organ
Paul Williamson - Saxophone
Wendy Stapleton - backing vocals
Phil Smith - Bass, backing vocals
Paul Mileham - Bass

Tracks 1-12 recorded by David Briggs at Production Workshop, North Melbourne.
Tracks 13-15 recorded live by Rob Stead at the Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda.
Mixed and Mastered by David Briggs
Produced by David Briggs and Wild Turkey.
Photography by Suzy Wood and Rowan Matthews.
Art and design by Johnny Kirkland

I Drove All Day (1993)
Album Cover Track Listing:
1. I Drove All Day  (J.C.S. Marsden)
2. I Wanna Love You  (J.C.S. Marsden)
3. Hey Little Baby  (J.C.S. Marsden)
4. Mess Around Baby  (J.C.S. Marsden)
5. Without You  (J.C.S. Marsden)
Additional Info:

Produced and Engineered: David Briggs
Recorded at 'The Production Workshop' North Melbourne, Vic.
Car Sound Recorded by Rowan Matthews
Cover Concept: Kirk Syrett
Artwork: Bronwen Kennedy
Photography: Suzy Wood

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